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Finalist for the SMEawards 2015

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Award category finalists


We were delighted to be finalists in 3 different categories in this year’s SME Awards.We made it through multiple rounds of judging to the finals of 3 categories. We are thrilled with such a great achievement.

SME awards finalist


To say the least. The whole team has a smile from ear to ear this week. After working so hard it’s always nice to be nominated and here’s to hopefully winning our first award in 2015


  • Under 30’s Business
  • Retailer (Online, Export)
  • Startup Company


Blacknight are sponsoring this year’s SME Awards and they’ve kindly paid for 2 tickets to the event for all the finalists.

Happy St. Patricks day

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We want to wish all of our players and fans a happy St Patricks day. May you have 50 shades of green today.In the spirit of the day we want to share a couple of Irish blessings that you can say to friends and family.


“To Your Health!”

Céad Míle Fáilte!
“One hundred thousand welcomes!”

Croi follain agus gob fliuch.
“A healthy heart and a wet mouth!”

Go raibh tú daibhir i mí-áidh
Agus saibhir i mbeannachtaí
Go mall ag déanamh namhaid, go luath a déanamh carad,
Ach saibhir nó daibhir, go mall nó go luath,
Nach raibh ach áthas agat
Ón lá seo amach.

May you be poor in misfortune,
Rich in blessings,
Slow to make enemies,
quick to make friends,
But rich or poor, quick or slow,
May you know nothing but happiness
From this day forward.

Fad saol agat.
“Long life to you.”

Hay Ewe; Release date announced!!

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So it was another busy week for us here at Rocket Rainbow.

If you haven’t heard the news already, we are delighted to announce that a date has been set for Hay Ewe!

It will be available on the Apple AppStore next week. The whole team here is really excited and the first few reports are looking very good!

We received a staggering 90% review score from stating:

  • Conducive to short bursts of play, which is perfect for mobile.
  • Teaches you the game quickly, and then ramps up the challenge.
  • Level editor ensures significant replayability.


As you can imagine we were thrilled to get such a high score and are really looking forward to hearing player feedback.


With that in mind we have already begun planning the next update for the game, so keep checking back for more news and if you would like to see anything let us know!

We will also be continuing with the Polar character introductions, but who will be next?


Hay Ewe: Meet Yoshimi!

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  • Meet Yoshimi: The collectible nuisance!

Originally from Osaka, Japan. Yoshimi is a council worker with a love of travel, vitamins and food. Working for the city for many years Yoshimi has a black belt in Karate and is a disciplined fitness nut, working in robotic defenses.

She travels the globe with her partner in search of simpler things in life. Escaping technology and rambling along enjoying the sights. She tends to jump on the latest trends and is the first to join a flash mob or impromptu gathering.

Unfortunately with this dwindled attention span she is prone to wandering off on her partner and will often find herself lost, in some random corner of the world and in need of help.

Yoshimi throws herself head first at lamby.

Often this occurs when taking that must have holiday snap with her camera, or the occasional ‘Look mom a yeti!’ photobomb. If you see Yoshimi but are in a solemn mood and want to be left alone then stay away!

Yoshimi has no fears in making new friends and will follow you everywhere! The first rule of survival is to stay together right? And she will stay by you till almost forever, or as soon as she is reunited with her partner.

What a spectacle it is watching a penguin waddle after a determined sheep! Alas she can be quite protective of her new found friends and will KAR AT AE anyone (or lamb) she encounters.


Lamby is clearly not amused

With such a nefarious introduction it is no wonder that Lamby will refuse to follow along! In such an event be quick and lead Yoshimi back to the loving embrace of her partner, lest the lambys be lost forever!

It’s not so bad though. There’s a nice energy boost to be received when you do unite these two love birds.

Just make sure the journey back isn’t too far!


Hows about another look at those YouTube videos ehh?

Delve into the archives and get see another character come to life before your very eyes, or ocular communicators if you happen to be a robot.


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Hay Ewe at the NPA

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Ratheniska, Co.Laois was the stage for the past week as Hay Ewe was nominated for a place in the Innovation arena at the National Ploughing Championships 2014.The NPA is an annual event in Ireland that brings together lots of elements of rural life and draws a crowd of over 200,000 people. This year’s event surpassed all previous records and can boast a staggering 125,000 attendees on the Wednesday of the event. Total attendance over the 3 days was 279,000.

The event began on Monday with the initial set up of each booth and judging for all the entrants in the Innovation arena. Monday was not open to the public so it gave other exhibitors a chance to walk around and see what was on show.


Hay Ewe all set up and ready for gamers


Hay Ewe was already off to a great start by being the first video game ever to be nominated for the awards, which was much to the delight of many of the younger attendees. It also received an excellent mention in the Irish Farmers Journal, which can be read here


Young minds at work deciphering puzzles

From Tuesday at 8am until Thursday at 6pm the chimps worked tirelessly, entertaining event goers and winning hearts with Matilda and her flock. Nights were spent singing camping songs by the fire and doing some last minute QA on the game to ensure the best possible experience for players. Nothing like debugging code in a tent! And nothing says dedication like an early morning walk through the damp grass to the portaloo!

QA Tent

Testing from a tent


Tent Cam

A view to a loo!


The awards ceremony took place on Tuesday evening at 4pm with the winners receiving their awards from the Irish minister for Jobs, innovation blah, Richard Bruton. Unfortunately Hay Ewe did not place amongst the winners but we were still proud for it to be nominated. All in all we had a great time at the event and have made lots of new friends and fans for Matilda and her quest.


That’s it for this week’s update. Stay tuned for a new character intro next week along with some more exciting news.



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Hay Ewe: Meet Fletch!

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Meet Fletch

  • Meet Fletch: The sneak!

Life in the arctic can be tough. You have to contest with Orcas and bears and the occasional Wooly Mammoth. Fletch learned to be good at being sneaky.

Using his wits and his frosty natural colour Fletch takes advantage of his surrounding including snow mounds, snow hills and other larger white objects.

For a dare he once hid on the back of a polar bear, picking Puggles pocket before diving into the snow.

Fletch showing his talents at Hide and go sneak

Another time Fletch orchestrated one of the arctics biggest heists, snatching the prized bounty of the Emperor penguin, right from under their.. beaks..

Life in the cold north has taught him to stay frosty, trust no one, and stay hidden. But a fox has gotta eat!

Fletch fetches himself a snack. Cold as ice.

Keep your distance and you might see him coming, but if you linger too close to a clump of snow there is a good chance that he will pinch more than you pocket!

Be careful of roaming gangs also. Getting crowded can be a cruel end to many of your followers!

Be ever vigilant for this white walker!


And now for something completely different. If you are feeling the chill and fancy something a little warmer why not check out the Trough speed video!

Plenty more to see over at our YouTube channel!


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Hay Ewe: Meet Nash!

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Meet Nash 01

Meet Nash: The Loan-Shark!

A dirty fighter and fencing champion – Nash was once a feared and respected swordfish!
Sadly, he bit the ear-hole of one too many opponents, landing him some unwanted attention.

The aqua-mob made an example of Nash by breaking his sword-nose and stealing his livelihood.
Now, Nash must do their bidding, or risk losing his favourite sword – forever.

Meet Nash 03

Nash attempts to ‘break the ice’ – No pun intended.

While working for the aqua-mob, Nash found success as a debt-collector and loan-shark.
An evil eye, toothful grin and vicious bite was all he needed to intimidate and re-earn his lost respect.

Eventually, the mob proposed a ‘real’ job for Nash:
Put an end to the woolly troublemaker known as ‘Matilda’ and “bring her down to our level”.
In return, they will give back his favourite sword.

Meet Nash 02

Lurking beneath Matilda – Humming the Jaws theme tune.

Nash now roams the watery-wasteland, smashing the ground beneath any non-aquatic creatures, dragging them down into the deep, cold, icy depths of the frozen sea.

If you spot Nash underneath the ice – Beware!
Idling too long will give Matilda a VERY cold bath, bringing her quest to a teeth chattering end.

Meet Nash 04

Why not try to ‘bribe’ the loan-shark with some stale tuna?

The player can delay Nash by luring him with stale tuna – for a candy price!
In addition, you can see him in his swordfish form with this concept-to-character speed video!

Just don’t try to go skinny-dipping!


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Hay Ewe: Meet Cyril!

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Meet Cyril

Meet Cyril – The Collector!

When Matilda began her epic lamb saving adventure, candy began falling from the sky.
Nobody asked why, or complained – After all, everyone loves candy – Especially if it’s free!

It wasn’t long before the farm was greeted by a winged, wide eyed, and very frustrated new visitor…

A shadow looms over the farm... Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yep, it's a bird!

A shadow looms over the farm! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Bah, it’s just a greedy bird…

In swoops Cyril – A crow with a permanent sigh on his lips… Er, beak!
He claimed that it was HIS candy, accidentally being dropped during flights home to the candy nest.

If he wasn’t distracted by all the crazy lamb saving shenanigans going on down below on the farm,
then he wouldn’t be dropping candy in the first place!

Cyril is locked onto the delicious target! Matilda watches as Cyril reclaims his property.

Cyril arrives to reclaim his ‘property’.

Cyril decided to take matters into his own claws, swooping down to collect all the stray candy.
As far as he is concerned, it belongs to him – Locking everyone into a game of finders-keepers.

When candy is dropped, it is only a matter of time before Cyril will detour to try and reclaim it.
It is up to Matilda (and the player) to grab dropped candy before Cyril gets his beak around it!

Once the candy is in Cyril's gob, it cannot be taken back. Next time, grab it before Cyril does!

Once the candy is in his mouth, it cannot be taken back! Try to grab the candy before he does!

Not only is candy a delicious snack – But it is also the main currency used on the farm.
Be sure to grab it for bonus points, extra stamina, or to buy yummy boosts and awesome outfits!

Don’t let Cyril take all the candy perks!


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Hay Ewe: Meet Denzil!

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Meet Denzil

Meet Denzil – The Goalie!

Denzil is a playful young Donkey who does what a Donkey does best… “Kick stuff!”

The lamb pandemic has given Denzil an infinite supply of cute woolly ‘footballs’ to practice with, although they do make suspicious bleating noises whenever they’re given two hooves to the face.

Meet Denzil 02

Denzil prepares to showcase his skills on EweTube!

Thanks to a habit of kicking anything in reach – Matilda is helped, as well as hindered, by Denzil.

Being drop-kicked by a Donkey is not a lot of fun – but it CAN launch you into hard to reach places – Which is a blessing, or a curse, depending on the circumstances!

Matilda looks away while Denzil playfully kicks Lamby over a fence.

Denzil playfully kicks Lamby over a fence – Saving Matilda some valuable time.

Aside from his kicktastic habits, Denzil harmlessly patrols the farm looking for kickable objects.

He doesn’t mean any harm, though it can be frustrating having to duck under flying sheep, lambs, or crates, that he playfully launches across the field at high velocity.

Meet Denzil 03

It doesn’t have to be round for Denzil to consider kicking it! Bye bye crate!

Some puzzles are much easier solved by having Denzil kick objects, or even the sheep and lambs, over certain obstacles. Try to make good use of Denzil’s kick and avoid being launched into danger!

Unfortunately for our long-faced Goalie, Denzil didn’t make it to the recent world cup…
But he did show up for some of our Cocosbuilder Art & Animation videos!



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