Finalist for the SMEawards 2015

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Award category finalists


We were delighted to be finalists in 3 different categories in this year’s SME Awards.We made it through multiple rounds of judging to the finals of 3 categories. We are thrilled with such a great achievement.

SME awards finalist


To say the least. The whole team has a smile from ear to ear this week. After working so hard it’s always nice to be nominated and here’s to hopefully winning our first award in 2015


  • Under 30’s Business
  • Retailer (Online, Export)
  • Startup Company


Blacknight are sponsoring this year’s SME Awards and they’ve kindly paid for 2 tickets to the event for all the finalists.

RRS: Indievelopment!

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Good Friday wishes to all 🙂

Our Producer, JP, has been on yet another social adventure – This time involving “Indievelopment“, which is ‘organized by students, for students and the game development industry’.
In short, a popular game development conference held in the Netherlands!

It was very well organized, sporting a speaker stage that was clearly visible from the exhibition floor, so that exhibitors didn’t miss out on any talks being given by the likes of Michael Cook, Paul Weir and Johnathan Blow (to name a few).

Indievelopment 1

JP: ” It was an excellent event for networking with other indie developers and getting their feedback on Hay Ewe – Such as its design, art composition and general user experience. The game development scene in the Netherlands is doing incredibly well with a number of small companies having made their mark on the industry –  Such as Vlambeer, Romino Games, Abbey Games and Digital Dreams“.

Setup began at 7am – So everyone packed light due to the distance to travel, which means a simple camping table, folding chair, roller banner and computer equipment – And placed amongst excellent company, with neighbours such as Flow Studios, Roche Fusion, Ludomotion, Codeglue and Sparpweed.

Indievelopment 2

The event publicly opened at 9am and finished at 5pm, with drinks, lunch and networking in-between. Feedback for Hay Ewe was excellent, with everyone commenting on how much fun the game was, while many claimed that the level editor itself would be their favourite feature. There was also invaluable feedback from other developers, as their fresh eyes picked up on a few things that we, ourselves, had originally been blind to.

An excellent event which we hope to attend next year, with even more members of the RRS team.

We’d like to give thanks to the organizers, the great indie developers, and the public who attended.
Thank you, everyone!

For more information on Indievelopment, feel free to check out the links below:


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RRS: Team17 @ EGX Rezzed!

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  • RRS: Team17 @ EGX Rezzed – Bringing Hay Ewe to the UK!

We wanted to take a step back and give a simple nod of appreciation to our publishers, Team17.

Rocket Rainbow are keeping Hay Ewe in tip-top condition now that EGX Rezzed is on the way.
However, Team17 are also bringing many other great titles along for the ride – So check ’em out!

The Escapists’, from Mouldy Toof Studios! – Pixelated prison greatness.

Light’, by Just A Pixel! – Sneaky ominous shenanigans!

Followed by the mysterious ‘Flockers’ from Team17 themselves.
Hopefully some woolly antics, though nobody is sure exactly what to expect.
Either way, we can’t wait to find out – And wish everyone a lot of fun and frolic at the event!

RRS: Team17 @ EGX Rezzed

Be sure to head on over the Team17’s Twitter to get regular updates as the event unfolds!


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RRS @ SXSW – The Breakdown!

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Hey folks!

We’re getting back to normal after the long journey to and from the SXSW Game Expo in Texas.
First, a big thank you to all who attended, as well as the event organizers themselves.
It was a long trip to get there – but it was all worth it 🙂

Hope you enjoy this write up of the whole adventure – Which began in Dublin, Ireland (March 5th) after boarding the 8am flight. Destination? New York JFK – An 8hr journey of internet darkness!

RRS @ SXSW - The Breakdown 1

After the team landed in JFK, phones were switched on in anticipation of any news from home,
which started with a text message from the Community Manager (me!) giving exciting news…

Team-17 had made the big publishing announcement for our game, Hay Ewe!

The team got to read through the announcement articles in-between fixing Hay Ewe for SXSW.
After setting foot in Dallas, the team had one hour to send any important emails or messages before the last leg of the flying trip, involving one more flight from Dallas to Austin itself, arriving at 21.15 US time after roughly 18hours inside planes & airports! *phew*

After hopping on the Airport Flyer bus to get to downtown Austin, the team would have had a 3mile walk to the motel if they hadn’t flagged a cab, arriving at midnight, tired and exhausted –
But very excited with the upcoming event and the great publishing news!

After a well earned rest, the team hopped onto the Number 10 bus to Downtown Austin:

JP – “The number 10 bus is one of the most colorful, characteristic buses I have ever known. It drove us through the Austin suburbs, and each day introduced us to a new Austinite.
It also stopped right outside the Palmer Events Centre, where the Gaming expo was held.”

RRS @ SXSW - The Breakdown 2

On Thursday, the team got themselves registered and found their event-space, before making their way to a café to do some last minute bug fixing and abuse the free coffee refill policy before the event kicked off on Friday the 1st, taking place all the way through until Sunday with various events & talks.

They had lots of people come and play the game, ask them where they were from (strange foreign accent) and even had a visit from Knack, who said Hay Ewe was their favorite game! ( Thank you, Knack! 😀 )

RRS @ SXSW - The Breakdown 3

This years event was reported to have 40,000 visitors and it certainly felt like it. There was something for every gamer there, including table top / board games, Indie, Augmented Reality, Casual, Hardcore and even e-sports to name a few – With free beer in the afternoons for those of the age to consume it, as well as an after party on the Friday and Sunday evenings!

Our neighbours included Paperbound & Tumblestone, Digital Dreams with Metrico, Superfight game, Litecoin and Super Happy Fun Fun Games.

RRS @ SXSW - The Breakdown 4

With the event coming to a close, the team had a rest on Monday before boarding the Number 10 bus for the last time, collecting their things from the conference centre before one last free refill, taken to a makeshift office, bombarded with pastries! (Nom!)

The return trip was much easier, with a 9hr flight to London followed by a 1hr trip back to Dublin, ending up back home by Tuesday afternoon.

All in all, it was entirely worth it! The team got to meet a tonne of cool people – With Matilda, the sheep, getting a few new fans along the way. A great experience, one we are very grateful for – So, once again, a massive warm thank you to everyone who was part of the SXSW in Austin!

A special thanks to the organizers, the companies alongside us – And everyone who tried out our game!


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RRS: Final day @ SXSW Expo!

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  • Final day @ SXSW Expo!

Howdy folks!
We’re nearing the end of our SXSW Exhibition over in Austin, Texas!

JP & Chris (RRS Co-Founders) met lots of great people while showing off our game (Hay Ewe) –
As well as enjoying all the other great games being displayed over there!

They even managed to sneak in some Street Fighter 4 during the event… Tut tut Chris 😀

Final day @ SXSW Expo 01

Once they’re back in Ireland (Tuesday), we’ll be sure to post a highlight reel showing all the fun.

If you are attending the event, be sure to visit us at stand No.345 before we fly the rocket home!

Final day @ SXSW Expo 02


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RRS: Team17 To Publish Hay Ewe

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Team17 To Publish Hay Ewe – And we couldn’t be happier! 😀

Team17 To Publish Hay Ewe 01

It’s an honour and privilege to say “Team17 are publishing our upcoming puzzle-adventure, Hay Ewe!”

Here at Rocket, we’re massive fans of their games, as well as huge admirers of their successes.
A long-standing company who have provided a wealth of gaming memories, old and new!

From days spent being eaten by fiendish creatures in the amazing Alien Breed on the Amiga 500,
to leaping our way through the colourful SuperFrog, or being blasted to smithereens in Project X,
all the way to the wonderful world of Worms, the base of many past and present achievements.

It’s hard to write all this without going into nostalgic flashbacks of the ‘good ole days’ 🙂

To have them invest their time into our upcoming game is a very big deal for us!

Meanwhile, the RRS team are landing in New York City, on their way to the SXSW Gaming Expo!
If you are attending the event, feel free to visit us at stand 345 between the 7th-9th of March!

We have a busy but exciting – and maybe even a little scary – time ahead of us.
A massive thank you to Team17, as well as those who have supported us along this epic journey 😀

Don’t forget to head on over to Team-17’s Website, Facebook and Twitter for more details!


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RRS: Enterprise Ireland, Netsoc & IADT GameJam

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  • Enterprise Ireland, Netsoc & IADT GameJam

It’s been a fun and informative week for our Producer, JP Vaughan – Involving pizza (yum),
“stormy” delayed flights (pesky Irish weather!) and a bus load of… Buses?

Enterprise Ireland, Netsoc & IADT GameJam 01

(Left) JP Vaughan (RRS), Ann Blackmore (AIB), Eugene Smyth (AIB) and Denis Marnane.

Speaking to the Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology’s (IADT) Game Jam Society, followed by further talk with Netsoc at the Dublin Institute of Technology – Including a SPRINT run in association with Enterprise Ireland (a programme providing help for start ups to refine their product), all topped off with a visit to “The Start Up Class of 2013” at Dublin Castle… *phew* 🙂

A warm thank you to all the event organizers, as well as everyone who attended said events!

IADT Tweet

The DIT & IADT talks centred around the topics of “how you got into the industry”, the “processes of a games studio” and “starting your own games studio” – Allowing JP the opportunity to vend his wide range of experiences through public talks, hoping to give people some helpful insight for their own related endeavours – covering personal notes such as influential games while growing up, what college courses had been attended and how JP eventually broke into the industry (starting out in QA with PopCap), what it’s like working for a big game-company, moving into production and the challenges that had to be overcome, ending with talk on starting his very own company.

JP – “All of the students were incredibly bright and I look forward to seeing their impact on the Irish scene over the next few years.

With the “Start Up Class Of 2013”, we were invited as one of the 85 companies that received the Competitive Start Fund (CSF) in 2013 – Starting off with a hi-res group photo!

JP had the opportunity to network with investors and other High Potential Start Up (HPSU) companies to talk about business. There were many game companies at the event, including good friends and fellow CSFers ‘Gotcha Ninjas’, ‘Likewhere’, ‘Studio POWWOW’, ‘Simteractive’ and ‘English Bubble’.

A lot of introductions were made and it was great to see so many strong and ambitious Irish companies taking up the challenge in the current economic climate.
Enterprise Ireland, Netsoc & IADT GameJam 05

Welcoming Address, Julie Sinnamon, CEO, Enterprise Ireland.

Enterprise Ireland, Netsoc & IADT GameJam 06

Investor Panel: “How to engage with investors to get funded”

Enterprise Ireland, Netsoc & IADT GameJam 07

Entrepreneur Panel: “Lessons Learned: Customer Acquisition, Funding Strategy & Building the team”


With the events now over – It’s time to get back to the norm!
We’d like thank all organizers and attendees, and everyone who recently followed us on our social media!

RRS: Gamescom 2013 – A Retrospective!

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  • RRS @ Gamescom 2013

We can finally call it a wrap after 5 days, 340,000 visitors, a load of snacks…
And many many plays of our Farm demo!

The chimps had a lot of fun and met many new friends at the event 🙂
We collected lots of data, tested different builds, and got to see player engagement first hand.
There were smiles and laughter as players encountered different animals and secrets of The Farm.

Starting early on Wednesday morning, our stand was located in the Casual Games park in Hall 10.1.

Gamescom 2013 01

We were armed with two iPads and an iMac to stream via AirPlay to the audience.
A USK rating of 0 meant that the game could be played by everyone, young and old.

Gamescom 2013 02

Wednesday was a trade only day, which meant that the crowds were made up of other professionals.

We were interviewed by a number of journalists from various gaming websites (such as this one)
and happily told them all about the long journey of the past year, and the fun that was had.

We also had a number of business meetings at the booth and in the business area located in Hall 4.2

Gamescom 2013 03Thursday was the first day that was open to the entire public, which made things a lot busier.
Visitors would sit with their friends and play together, which gave us interesting ideas for the future.
Unfortunately not everything was playing out so well… We had some very noisy neighbours 🙁

Gamescom 2013 05

Gamescom 2013 04Right next to the Casual Games park was the Enders Game (The movie) laser tag disco.
It was an 18’s only booth and meant that a lot of the traffic generated were not casual gamers.

The DJ’s also had a habit of turning their volume up to 11 making it difficult to have conversations,
or listen to the lovely Blue Grass music and comic sound effects in our game.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, were the busiest days of the event.
Early on Saturday, tickets became sold out and members of the public flooded the many halls.
The escalators had a steady stream of avid gamers rushing around to play everything in sight!

Gamescom 2013 06

Gamescom 2013 07

Gamescom 2013 08

For RRS, it meant there were more gamers to entertain.

While days were exhausting, they were also the most rewarding, with a lot of data being collected.
Some of our different builds worked a treat, others… Not so much…
Still, we were able to answer valuable design questions and find the types that the game appeals to.

Gamescom 2013 09
Gamescom 2013 10

Gamescom 2013 11All in all, it was a very successful campaign for us!
The team will have a well earned break before getting back into training for the next mission 🙂