Hay Ewe; Release date announced!!

By October 10, 2014games

So it was another busy week for us here at Rocket Rainbow.

If you haven’t heard the news already, we are delighted to announce that a date has been set for Hay Ewe!

It will be available on the Apple AppStore next week. The whole team here is really excited and the first few reports are looking very good!

We received a staggering 90% review score from noobist.com stating:

  • Conducive to short bursts of play, which is perfect for mobile.
  • Teaches you the game quickly, and then ramps up the challenge.
  • Level editor ensures significant replayability.


As you can imagine we were thrilled to get such a high score and are really looking forward to hearing player feedback.


With that in mind we have already begun planning the next update for the game, so keep checking back for more news and if you would like to see anything let us know!

We will also be continuing with the Polar character introductions, but who will be next?


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