Hay Ewe: Meet Foxy!

Meet Foxy 01

Meet Foxy: The Thief!

A shifty eyed canine with a natural talent for sneaky shenanigans.
This stealthy menace happens to have an insatiable appetite for delicious lamb-chops.

Now that the farm is suffering a lamb outbreak, she has become very VERY hungry indeed!

Meet Foxy 02

Foxy emerges from a nearby bush. Don’t let her get to the lambs!

Foxy claims full responsibility for the woolly pandemic.
It was her steady paw (and starved determination) that cracked the barn padlock!

You can imagine her surprise when she was greeted by not just a handful of lambs – But a thousand!
A quick dive into a nearby bush prevented her from being squished by a tidal wave of wide-eyed wool.

Once the thunderous bleating faded into the distance, Foxy knew it was safe to pursue her dream – And hopefully a belly full of lamb-chops along the way!

Meet Foxy 04

Nom nom – One less lamb on the farm!

A real menace to farm society!

Foxy is the first hostile character to be introduced into Hay Ewe gameplay.

Once you enter her territory, she will bide her time before sprinting to any nearby defenceless lambs.
As the game progresses, she’ll even utilize different bushes to re-align her position of attack.

Meet Foxy 05

Tap Foxy to scare her away!

Foxy is hungry and persistent – but not very brave.
It is up to the player to deter her attack by tapping her with their finger, scaring her away.

This will send her scurrying off to a nearby bush to hide, though it is only a temporary solution… She’s way too hungry to stay away for long, so pay attention!

Meet Foxy 06

Foxy runs to a nearby bush to hide, thanks to the player.


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