Hay Ewe: Meet George!

Meet George

Meet George – The Destroyer!

“The Destroyer” sums up all of George’s previous titles, such as ‘Fence Masher’, ‘Barn Breaker’ – even titles as morbid as ‘Skull Smasher’.

He has earned many, thanks to obliterating anything that crossed his path using nothing but his head.
It was probably a lot to do with the shoddy woodwork at the time, though.

Lambies managed to sneak into George's pen. Matilda is not pleased...

Lambs are hiding in George’s pen… Will Matilda risk herself to save them?

He was so troublesome that the farm owner tried putting him into a beef pan…

And that farmer hasn’t been seen since!

Ha! That is just a camp fire horror story to keep youngsters away from the newly ‘reinforced’ fences, which now contain an even more enraged George.

Try as he might - He can't bust through the new gates or fences... But he won't stop trying!

Try as he might – He can’t bust through the new gates or fences… But he won’t stop trying!

With the gates and fences reinforced, and the barn now ‘bull proof’, George exacts beef justice on less tougher things – Such as stray lambs or sheep that enter his holding area.

Staring straight ahead, he’ll charge at the first thing that gets into his sights.

Matilda must use her wits to overcome George’s LACK of wits – But all it takes is one mistake…
Then Matilda will find herself being head-butted across the farm with extreme prejudice!

One mistake, or one miss-step, and Matilda will find herself being launched into the hills.

Lambs watch in horror as Matilda is launched into the hills.

Beware the fabled “Bull Rush” – It contains not one, but hundreds of Bulls just like George.
They are VERY angry about being contained – And charge across the field without a second thought.

Matilda and George (and ALL of his headstrong friends) square off in Bull-Rush!

Matilda and George (and ALL of his headstrong friends) square off in Bull-Rush!

Even the snow of winter and the joy of Christmas doesn’t put a damper on George’s hot temper,
as proven by his cameo in the previous Hay Ewe Xmas Movie.


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