Hay Ewe: Meet Heidi!

Meet Heidi 01

Meet Heidi – The Sourpuss!

A moo’dy old cow who wreaks udder chaos across the local farm.

She is famous for providing the entire countryside with delicious yet oddly ‘sharp’ milk (by herself).
Heidi has worldwide fame, an udder full of pain, and sees white flashes when thrust into the limelight.

Meet Heidi 02

Ewe-Tube footage has shown that lambs should avoid milk-bullets at all costs!

The constant attention (and inability to ebb the liquid flow) means Heidi never gets a break.

One day, everyone turned to witness Heidi standing on her hind-legs with a furious glint in her eye. After a thunderous MOO and a mighty ‘squelch’, there was a milky maelstrom of pent up frustration.

Meet Heidi 03

Care for a ‘shot of milk’? Matilda is blinded!

There is nothing more fearsome than a cow who can shoot people square in the eye from 100 paces, especially when that cow is packing infinite amm’oo.

NOTE: Lamby is lactose intolerant!!!

Take any means necessary to block stray spray from hitting the lambs.
Use crates – Gates – Or even Matilda’s face! Don’t let the moody cow harm the lambies!

Meet Heidi 04

Matilda closes a gate to keep the lambs safe from stray milk!


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