Hay Ewe: Meet Matilda!

Meet Matilda

Meet Matilda – The Shepherd!

Matilda is a highly intelligent bundle of wool, going from sheep to shepherd almost overnight.
It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it – and that job begins at the start of a lamb pandemic!

The lambs are going haywire across the farm, forcing Matilda into a daily routine of stressful heroics.
With your help, she might be able to save them all before something terrible happens!

Meet Matilda 2

Billy and Heidi try to block Matilda’s path. Time to put on the thinking cap!

Growing Up!

Even as a lamb, Matilda could outsmart the other animals and had no problem reaching adulthood.
The present day lambs, however, are more interested in fun and danger than they are in ‘growing up’.

Their idea of fun usually results in getting lost, eaten, trampled, burnt, frozen, kicked, head-butted,
or meet some kind of end at the hands, claws, hooves or paws of the unimpressed neighbours.

Meet Matilda 3

George is not amused by these lamb-saving shenanigans.


Time to drag those pesky lambs back home!

Lead Matilda by drawing a path to a chosen destination using your finger.
Matilda will hop to that location unless blocked by obstacles, such as crates, fences, rocks etc

Be careful! Terrain hazards and other hostile animals are a constant danger to you and the lambs.

Meet Matilda 4

Draw a path for Matilda to follow!

Bring the lambs home!

You are responsible for the safety of Matilda – ‘and’ the chain of lambs following her lead.

Once a certain number of lambs have been collected, find a safe route to a nearby barn!
Until then, in the outside world, anything goes. One stray shot of milk, or a stealthy visit from Foxy, could mean the difference between a perfect score, or losing all the lambs!

Meet Matilda 5

Gathering all the lambs isn’t enough – You must take them to safety!


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