Hay Ewe: Meet Troy!

Meet Troy

Meet Troy – The Soldier!

With a respectable military background and a big fondness for order, discipline – and punk music – Troy stands tall and marches proudly! Unfortunately, his hooves can turn lambs into woolly-pancakes, so it’s up to Matilda to keep the lambs safe from Troy’s stompy behaviour.

Meet Troy 02

Troy doesn’t mean any harm, so long as his march goes uninterrupted.

Troy’s fellow brothers-in-hooves have moved to greener pastures – Leaving him all by his lonesome. With no commander to lead him and no war to fight, the old stallion endlessly marches in circles.

Out of respect (or fear), most of the farm community have learned to stay out of Troy’s way.

Even the Bull, George, keeps a safe distance – And that says a lot!

Meet Troy 03

Troy may take things seriously but he’ll still dress up as a unicorn for fun!

If Troy’s ‘personal space’ proves too dangerous for the lambs, the player can feed him sugar-cubes! This little treat will keep him busy long enough for lambs to pass by safely, with minimal trampling.

If a lamb is lost to Troy’s reckless marching, he’ll snap out of his daydreaming and mourn the loss – though it won’t take long before he will return to his daily stomp.

Don’t hang around too long or more woolly pancakes will be made!

Meet Troy 04

Troy will appreciate this little treat… For a short time!


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