Hay Ewe: Meet Yoshimi!

By October 3, 2014games


  • Meet Yoshimi: The collectible nuisance!

Originally from Osaka, Japan. Yoshimi is a council worker with a love of travel, vitamins and food. Working for the city for many years Yoshimi has a black belt in Karate and is a disciplined fitness nut, working in robotic defenses.

She travels the globe with her partner in search of simpler things in life. Escaping technology and rambling along enjoying the sights. She tends to jump on the latest trends and is the first to join a flash mob or impromptu gathering.

Unfortunately with this dwindled attention span she is prone to wandering off on her partner and will often find herself lost, in some random corner of the world and in need of help.

Yoshimi throws herself head first at lamby.

Often this occurs when taking that must have holiday snap with her camera, or the occasional ‘Look mom a yeti!’ photobomb. If you see Yoshimi but are in a solemn mood and want to be left alone then stay away!

Yoshimi has no fears in making new friends and will follow you everywhere! The first rule of survival is to stay together right? And she will stay by you till almost forever, or as soon as she is reunited with her partner.

What a spectacle it is watching a penguin waddle after a determined sheep! Alas she can be quite protective of her new found friends and will KAR AT AE anyone (or lamb) she encounters.


Lamby is clearly not amused

With such a nefarious introduction it is no wonder that Lamby will refuse to follow along! In such an event be quick and lead Yoshimi back to the loving embrace of her partner, lest the lambys be lost forever!

It’s not so bad though. There’s a nice energy boost to be received when you do unite these two love birds.

Just make sure the journey back isn’t too far!


Hows about another look at those YouTube videos ehh?

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